“End Your Money Worries - Enjoy a Happy, Stress-free Life!”

Professional support for individuals, families and small businesses



Financial coaching that inspires you to take action and keeps you accountable

Budgets and strategies that are tailored to meet your financial goals

Setting you up with short and long term financial security


It’s very common to have money challenges, and for some people its temporary and others it just seems to keep on happening.

If you find your in that situation you can change it.

There are habits and strategies to turn any money worrying situation around. They are easy to learn and easy to apply when you’re in the hands of a professional who understands where you are now. It can be a huge relief just to talk to someone who listens and shares ways to help you make progress out of the situation.

Sally from My Goal Saver grew up in a family business and knows first hand the effect on personal lives money worry can have. This experience inspired her to become an accountant to master money habits, to help and empower people with money challenges with permanent solutions.

You’re not alone and you don’t need to keep putting up with the stress. Make a decision to help yourself as help is just a phone call away.

From a friendly chat on the phone, you can decide if you’d like to meet with Sally, a qualified accountant, to discuss your situation and strategies to improve it.

Sally’s financial coaching can assist you to not only end your money-worries, but to also set and then achieve financial goals for your long term financial future success. Together, we create a viable and achievable budget that enables you to assess your current income streams and expenses. The path forward starts to become obvious when facts about your figures are analysed.

Our true focus is to help you achieve financial independence and we do this by helping you earn additional income, reduce expenditure and enjoy long-lasting success. Once we have achieved this for one of your goals, you can replicate the system to turn more of your goals and dreams into reality.


Your qualified My Goal Saver financial coach will help you become financially independent by providing the resources to empower you for the future, and the motivation to keep you going in the present.
You also have the benefit of learning how to earn additional income, as well as strategies to reduce expenditure.

Personal Budgeting

Our optimised budgeting tools help you to understand where your cash is going. By taking a look at your income and expenses, you’ll start to see ways in which you can reduce expenses, and put your money towards more rewarding, long term goals and rewards.

You’ll be supported and educated every step of the way. From sound financial advice, to technical support and training – you’ll enjoy the professional support you’ll receive every step of the way.

Achieving Your Goals

Our first goal is to help you to be aware of how to turn your situation around, to be money-worry free and to believe that is possible with a time-frame to achieve it.

The second goal is to develop a support plan to achieve that goal. The third goal is to support you to achieve bigger financial goals, like earning more money with ideas and strategies, so that you are empowered to be in control of your future to achieve all your dreams.

Ready to meet your financial goals?