Small Business Financial Services

Small businesses are regularly dealing with cash flow challenges. The struggle can continue for months, years and even decades without professional assistance.

It can feel like you’re alone – there’s the worry of letting people down, suppliers, employees or even your family. It may feel like there’s no solution and that any solution is expensive and unaffordable.

Cash flow fluctuations are all too common in business but there are simple and very beneficial solutions available to you in your business.

Understanding finances doesn’t come with a ‘business owner’ title. You may be fortunate to have some background in finances before going into business, but for most people they just aren’t aware of what they need to know to solve their cash flow challenges.

Education is the solution.

You would be surprised at how little education is required to make a significant difference to your business.

There are 5 areas to understand to solve your business cash flow challenges…

1. Bank reconciliation
2. Account receivables
3. Accounts payable to keep suppliers happy
4. Inventory and asset management – doing annual records
5. Establishing sales prices based on costs

These subjects are rarely handled at the level they need to be in the majority of businesses, so don’t feel alarmed if they aren’t ones you have a handle on and are managing well.

Sally from My Goal Saver can assist you with one or all of these areas, to make changes fast that solve the cash flow challenge in your business.

Step by Step We’ll Help You All the Way

Thanks to 15 years of experience in auditing and financial management of businesses from small to billion dollar corporations, Sally has the professional ‘hands-on’ experience of a mentor you can trust, but also relate to.

Sally is a small business owner just like you. She understands how hard it is to manage all aspects of the business and also what it takes to successfully manage the finances of a business.

Sally can meet with you and discuss your financial situation. She’ll ask you questions and give you tips straight away on what you can do to start turning your cash flow situation around.The relationship starts with an initial free 30 minute consultation.

You’ll gain more confidence there are solutions to your situation and learn with some tips to start with.if you’re happy to proceed with Sally’s support program, you will be assisted in filling in a spreadsheet or be given an app to use for Sally to understand where you are at, by simply entering in bank account details.

The next step is to sit down with Sally for a 1½ hour consultation and work through a questionnaire to set goals, to take your business from where it is now to where you (and Sally) want and need it to be.Sally will then prepare your own Cash Flow Action Plan with the priority of strategies she will assist you to implement through education and support each week.You don’t need to know anything as there are no prerequisites for the mentoring program.No matter where you are right now in your business, and what challenges you are dealing with, you can turn it around.

Sally is here for you to help you, guide you, mentor you and educate you to end your money concerns for your business and personal life.

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