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The My Goal Saver Difference

Founder of My Goal Saver, Sallymatu Kuyateh was born in Sierra Leone and migrated to Brisbane in 2005.

Sally (Sallymatu) is a qualified accountant with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in England, equivalent to a Chartered Accountant Australia, and completed a Masters in Business with QUT and is a Certified Internal Auditor.

Sally has been full time in accounting since 2000 starting in audit work, then trained as an analyst before going full time in financial accounting. Sally has extensive experience in banking as well as experience in working with the Australian government as well as small businesses. She has also carried out voluntary work with refugees and organisations that deal with refugees.

Sally grew up in a small business household with both her parents owning multiple businesses and fully understands the challenges of personal and small business cash flow.

Through her passion in helping people with their finances, she established her financial coaching business to assist people to attain and build their financial security. Through the My Goal Saver  services she developed, Sally covers essential budgeting skills, cash flow management tips and maximising savings for the future.

Her services include Financial Coaching, technical support, training and expertise through her working knowledge of government enterprises, small businesses and personal cash management. Her services are specifically tailored to the individual needs of her clients and include assistance with managing their short and long term financial needs to achieve true financial independence

Sally’s well-rounded and vast experience, expertise and passion allow her to care for her clients, by helping them to set up their financial future. Financially coaching people and businesses with their finances, and driving them towards and reaching their goals has been Sally’s true calling.

She knows the importance of gaining a good education both formally and informally. She continues to use these skills to encourage others to undertake studies to further their careers and opportunities to provide for their families.

She is an effective communicator and has developed a culturally diverse group of clients and support networks within the local and international community.

Creating successful people that reach their financial goals is an understatement – through My Goal Saver, Sally helps people live extraordinary money-worry-free lives they can be proud of and enjoy.


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Informed, satisfied and successful clients

Better business, lifestyle and financial opportunities


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